context modalities are semantic infrastuctures that matter

I will never give anybody permission to assert ‘modal definitions’ over my business which requires that I use modal logic and possible 🌎 semantics (simply because they feel it is their job to defend language from being bastardized by ‘business’). Deontic modality and possible 🌎 semantics will never be ‘optional’ parts of the role of a designer so βœ‹πŸΎ trying to make ‘optional’ which value assertions designers bring to the table.

Every ⏰ a person asserts their own modal definitions or understandings over my business they counteract an investment into semantic infrastructure that I am attempting to build ‘for design’. Being ‘help’ means providing ‘support to understanding’ not bastardizing the context of what I take the ⏰to write or πŸ—£ something about that is critical infrastructure of my own.

Modal meaning does not only rely on accessibility but also on an ‘ordering’ of the accessible 🌏 🌍 🌎that we live in.