The Consequence of πŸ”Š

When you invest some of your own identity into a growing community which people expect to benefit from they come to expect deontic responses from others in the community – that is, they expect others to respond automatically (without calculation) to threats to their safety and well-being.

In turn, they recognize that they are expected to have deontic responses to suffering of other community members. This doesn’t mean people are expected to act altruistically but on the basis of a shared understanding and shared identity. Under this pretext, a deontic response to an external threat is expected as a natural expression of reciprocity.

Communicative πŸ—£required to build relationship depends upon mutual respect, and in the 🌎 of mutual respect, deontic responses are not ‘acts of heroism’, they πŸ•΄ as a consequence of πŸ”Š