We shape our 🛠 and thereafter they shape us.

When I write, I write so that the children will one day be able to look back on who I was in my own words since a lot of people seem to think it is their job to contextualise anything I say.

There is a time and a place to defend Fort Knox from State Troopers and another time to reminisce on fun, since each of us had a 👋🏻 in ‘building Fort Knox’ together, we feel entitled to describe the post we held in our own words. That can cause cognitive dissonance and mental separation at times.

Here are a few things I haven’t been permitted to speak about/write freely about in my 10+ years of being Married to Marissa Gail and 9+ years of being a parent to Monet Gail and Montana Sky.
  • The value of midwifery and doula’s in the practice of natural home birth.
  • The significance or meaning of our home birthing experience from a father’s unique perspective.
  • Anything that wasn’t somehow dictated by notions of having a broken healthcare system or that our healthcare institutions and 🏥 are ridden with disease.
  • The reality that I will always have a better grasp and understanding of communication infrastructure than anybody either of us will ever meet.
  • The reality that maintaining open dialog with Marissa about communication infrastructure is something that will always be critical to my own ability to perform my job including finding new work when I am between projects.
  • The reality that visual culture, visual communications and design research will always involve 👁🍬(eye candy) and aesthetic denominators which don’t always agree with the value system or activity contexts of groups like @covenantEyes.
  • The role that ☁️ based security plays into our personal family matters when media in my own personal ☁️ includes travels of my own and people who Marissa still has yet to meet.
  • The responsibility that communication designers play in challenging and rethinking healthcare communications.
  • The reality that headshot photography will always mean managing for aesthetic beauty factors which places the burden on me to be sensitive to my subject’s ‘self-deprecating behaviour’.
  • The role that design infrastructure plays in building new business in a way that attributes value to my profession.
  • Design as a basis for business factoring and a basis for instruction.
  • Design as sufficiency context for understanding independent/third-party engineering and development.
  • Design Theory as practice (for understanding ‘simple’).
  • Design method as practice (for understanding ‘difficult’).
  • Design as a framework for communicating about ‘process’.
  • Engineering aesthetics or aesthetic engineering discussions for managing ‘simple’.
  • Industrial know-how and industrial mindsets.
  • Traditional mindsets for understanding or doing something about ‘nothing’.
  • How far others will go to throw our entire family under the 🚌, or under the rug (and keep us there) if it will in some way make them look better or detract from the perception of ‘my role in the invention process’.
  • Design as a framework and basis for understanding communication and communication matters.
Here are a few things which I have been permitted to speak about/write freely about in my 10+ years of being Married to Marissa and 9+ years of being a parent to Monet Gail and Montana Sky:
  • The evolving way that of technology and communication tools are changing the landscape for how our children will be understanding their relationship to the 🌏🌍🌎 five years from now.
“Life imitates art. We shape our 🛠 and thereafter they shape us. These extensions of our senses begin to interact with our senses. These media become a massage. The new change in the environment creates a new balance among the senses. No sense operates in isolation. The full sensorium seeks fulfilment in almost every sense experience.” —John M. Culkin