The dichotomy of 😴 as an accessibility and health module

β€ͺHating on assistive technology for trying to overcome accessibility obstacles like ‘data horseshoes’ in order to maintain sanity while remaining functional is one way they are able to identify and outline new market territory from a distance by keeping energy settings (πŸ’‘βš™οΈ) and data horseshoes/accessibility modules such as sleep (😴) set to OFF.‬

Oftentimes the need to advance πŸ”‹ technology takes place at the expense of energy efficiency and personal health modules (like sleep) 😴

At the end of the day 😴 is an important accessibility module (and health context) for people who manage settings for assistive technology which is frequently placed under scrutiny by policy advocates. This is ☝️reason abandoning 🚒 is not an unfamiliar reference or metaphor for people who manage accessibility settings.

Next time you are wondering what I mean when I say I have accessibility issues, now you have a . of reference.