Designing for Error / Functional Requirement Engineering

Design is the “House band of Independent Researchers”, whose goal it is to work with and design ‘even the most awkward album covers’. We design for a variety of musical genres from Motown to classic rock ‘n roll to indie pop to 80’s classics to punk/polka to current rock to I’m-embarrassed-to-admit-I-like-that-album cover crowd pleasers.

If it makes you want to design, we want to design it. We hail from 16 different parts of the universe but get together several times a year at independent conferences and find a way to design together. Between gigs we live the lives of unassuming designers, educators and researchers whose students would never suspect are really part-time rock legends. Several members of the team play on other teams as well, but no team will ever have the same meaning in each of our hearts.

Design is also ‘a list’ and ‘an array’ of an ‘independent set of functions and variables‘ at the Software Quality Training and Research Institute for Design.

25th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference Sessions List Sept 4-8, Lisbon, Portugal

What are the levels of granularity for functional requirements and why this is important: