The research-design process for report cards on ‘errors’.

Apple is a company that is funded by ‘research and report cards’. Through qualitative assessments of research materials, designers are able to ensure that performance-based research criteria for the ‘re-prioritization of bugs’ and ‘reprioritization of research’ is ‘being used by research’.

Performance-based research criteria is one way the company ensures that research on bugs is made available to designers using ‘report cards on issues’ and ‘issue-tracking’.

Once a bug is filed or submitted it is then ‘placed into a queue’ by the Quality Assessment team to ensure there is “consensus by design” and that executive management is able to write off ‘non-qualitative research criteria’ that no longer needs to be ‘funded by research’.

Once a radar is submitted by a customer or feedback is identified as valid, ’Quality Assurance and Design’ will then proceed to assign new radar bugs ‘to research’ and back into ‘tracking’ using more ‘detailed class information’ (in the form of research). Detailed bug reporting should include screenshots and/or reports that get filed as bugs with workarounds and steps to reproduce while including ‘detailed performance-based hardware configuration information’.

Engineering and project management support will then proceed to provide ‘report cards on errors’ with ‘workarounds’ and ‘fixes’ on ‘errors’ using ‘detailed class performance hardware’.

Quality Assessment criteria on report cards then continues to be ‘funded by research’ and ‘given back’ as ‘errors on report cards’ so that ‘research categories on genre-support’ and ‘class information’ may be made available to ‘hardware designers’ when necessary.

Reports cards on bugs are then only ‘reprioritized’ and assigned as ‘closed’ when ‘all eligibility criteria’ on research report cards by designers is ’made’ and being provided in the ‘form of classes’.

Assessment criteria for ‘classes’ is then ’shared as research on report cards’ using ’class-research categories for genre-support’ so that changes may be made to ‘class-genre support’ by designers if and when necessary. Reports on classes then only proceed to be reassigned as ‘fixed or closed’ when all eligibility criteria about research on design has been ’made’.