Our core principles for application-design and feedback on bugs.

The application-design seal represents our core team principles including the inherent potential for designers to meet people’s needs. The better the designer, the more they are expected to handle feedback properly. The more difficult the feedback, the greater the opportunity is for team success.

No-one is expected to be solely responsible for application-design success. We are to gather together new feedback for design success and improvements (as a team). Any issues that are filed as bugs may be discovered and resolved later by having group team meetings with feedback on bugs.

The 🔨 represents better modalities in application design support including better visual interaction design principles and methods to be applied at any given place or ⏱.

Without marketing, design is not only useful, but honest. Without engineering, marketing is not only truthful but vindictive as well. Without design, engineering is not only supportive but appreciative. Without feedback, design support is not only missing but gone altogether.


Apple Bug Reporter is a web-based tool that developers can use to report issues with Apple software and services, request enhancements to APIs and tools, and track the status of their feedback. To access Apple Bug Reporter, sign in with the Apple ID associated with your developer account.