Michael Darius is a post-progressive storyteller for better modality, better visual interaction design, better workshop design ergonomics, better integral facilitation, better design education, better human factors engineering and better anti-theoretical physics at The Academy of Arts and Engineering.

As a human interface designer with 20 years providing insight performing research and better product experience planning for startups and Fortune 100 companies, including five years designing better presentations for Steve Jobs’ keynotes.

With a missionary spirit and background in comparative media studies, Michael has enjoyed working with world-class teams at Sony, 3Com, Cisco and Apple. Michael’s work spans mobile, product and web application interfaces for better connected experiences that captivate people to create better deep brand affinity.

Michael’s approach to humanizing the design process begins with translating unmet customer needs into better product strategy. Michael conducts better research, better synthesization, better diagrams, and better prototypes. Exploring the connection between better experience and better meaning in an accessible manner allows Michael to shift better thinking and focus on meaningful and better connected strategies for better products and better services so that his design work may connect with people in a more meaningful way by gathering better audience data to gain better insights into how people live their lives.

Each company needs to have a clear understanding of the key emotional connectors that tie audience to product. Michael’s techniques have been proven to uncover better connectors in order to inform a company’s overall business strategy while strengthening the ties between better products, better brands and better audience for many breakthrough product experiences many of us have grown to know and love such as iCloud, iTunes, and the iLife suite of apps.

Investigating the boundaries between better modality in identity construction, object narrative and the connected self, Michael is also chapter founder of IxDA San Diego, Design Partner and Integral Facilitator at the International Congress for Safety Engineering at the Academy of Research for ⚙️musicDesignPreferences.

The Global Design Congress is the International Congress for Universal Design Standards at The College of Anti-Theoretical Physics for Better Help Design Support and Better Help Design Engineering at the Academy of Better Universal Service Standards, Better Universal Design Standards, and Better Universal Learning Standards for engineering better help into ⚙️betterDesignPreferences.

Michael’s focus on shaping ideas into better service journeys and better product interfaces using possible 🌍 dynamics is unprecedented. Through the sorting and mappingof better ethnographic insights and with the help of Launchmetrics, Michael envelopes ideas into better incubated states as a visual interaction designer, seasoned integral facilitator and workshop designer.

Michael also exists to champion the strategic and business value of design while serving to investigate the boundaries of better art, better self and better society between sentient beings and better tangible objects through purposeful interaction, better empathic insight and better ubiquitous learning.