" Many a false step was made by standing still. "Chinese Proverb

" If I had asked them what they wanted they would have told me a faster horse! "Henry Ford

" If it is 'genius' that rules, and everything else is intellectual poverty, then at the end of the day processes are the crutches of fools and incompetents. "Michael Darius

" If I ever need to teach people I'm mentoring good design by looking at bad design, I can always count on the enterprise. When someone tells me: "I design enterprise apps", all I hear is: "I'm a bad designer" "Michael Darius

" To treat design as a science is to retreat to the illusory safety of numbers, where designers are mostly seen as agents of skewing the odds in your favor. "Cennydd Bowles

" You can’t user research your way to Beethoven. "Various

" Social strictures as constituted by the managers of luxury fashion brands are upheld in the interests of protecting brand value from brand extensions capable of diluting perceptions of quality and prestige. These strictures are the standards of excellence most wearable device manufacturers neglect to aspire to. "Michael Darius

" When you make the analysis of user behavior and statistics the basis for your business decisions, you surrender your perspective on who your customers are and what they are becoming for who they were at some point in time. "Michael Darius

" The key ingredient in taking a monotonous experience and making it meaningful is a design-centric process. Rarely is monotony reduced to anything less than mundane without one. "Michael Darius

" Change happens when the pain of holding on becomes greater than the fear of letting go. "Spencer Johnson