Design Leadership // Securing the Strategic Value of Design by Raymond Turner

If you are looking for a cornerstone book on the subject of securing the strategic value of design in your organization look no further. This book is phenomenal.

Design Leadership // Securing the Strategic Value of Design by Raymond Turner

The fundamental tenet of this Design Leadership book is that design is a commercial and social imperative and its management and leadership are integral parts of what can make business successful, government effective and society safer and more enjoyable for everyone. 

The text draws on Raymond Turner’s extensive experience and insights into the effective use of design as a business resource for competitive advantage and social benefit. Raymond brings his experience of working for iconic businesses, projects and consultancies to provide essential, value creating, insights on the interface between design and business.
Design Leadership adopts a straightforward approach that will be of great value to those who influence how organisations work – the managers and chief executives of a country’s wealth creating engines. It is also of particular relevance to those with design management and leadership responsibilities as well as students who aim to work in these roles. The ideas at the heart of the book concern all who shape society and have the brief to improve our lives. Raymond Turner’s advice will help all of these readers make design work and so become more effective more quickly.

" Design isn't crafting a beautifully textured button with breathtaking animation. It's figuring out if there's a way to get rid of the button altogether. "Edward Tufte

Juliana’s (frozen) Fourth Birthday #throughglass

Saturday afternoon dear Juliana celebrated her fourth birthday party themed after Disney’s ‘Frozen’. Marissa and Monet took turns capturing video using Google Glass during the occasion to capture the essence of what it was like to be involved in the activities from a child’s perspective. We adults tend to get lost into our adult conversations during these children’s birthday parties and often forget the magical world that the children are experiencing in the process. This video attempts to rekindle that experience and memorialize this special birthday for Juliana from a child’s point of view.

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The User is Drunk

One of the best interview questions I’ve ever been asked: “What is the most unconventional thing you have done to elicit input from the person you are designing for?” I credit this video for the source of my response.

Inside the Google Glass Interaction Layer (video+slides) #throughglass

On January 14, 2014 a number of meetup groups around San Diego gathered for a talk I gave at the Qualcomm Research Center surrounding the nuances of the Google Glass Interaction Layer.

The session was followed up by an extensive Q&A with a few different Glass Explorers discussing the limitations, advantages and social dynamics of the platform.

How does the Google Glass’ interaction layer work and what constitutes good design when designing interactions for the device. First we defined ‘what constitutes an interaction’ on Google Glass. We then proceeded to identify and classify good use cases from poor ones and addressed where there may be margins for innovation surrounding these various use cases.

Please forgive the poor amplification and awkward head movements. This video for this presentation was captured entirely using Google Glass by @patrickgates to give you an ubiquitous sense of being there.

Here are the links to the articles mentioned during my presentation:

Article: Why Cards Are The Future Of The Web:
Satire: Man Forced To Watch Concert With His Own Eyes:
Esquire: Google Glass What You’re Not Suppose To Do:
ZDNet: Ok, Glass: How do I stop people calling me a ‘Glasshole’?:

3rdspace – Co-working & Club for the Creative:

Wearable World:

Press Interview with Cecilia Abadie

Cecilia Abadie’s case regarding driving with Google Glass reached a landmark decision on Thursday with a not guilty verdict. Her victory paving the way for less timidity among the Google Glass community for using Glass’ handsfree features while driving. Later in the day on Thursday after her verdict Cecilia had the grace to do a press interview with Craig Dudenhoeffer of Wearable World and I.

The transcript from the interview can be found here: Driver found not guilty for driving with Google Glass | Wearable World News