I curate, capture, humanize and design the world's most prolific experiences.

I'm a designer and a storyteller who has been doing experience planning for events, art directing photoshoots and curating galleries for over 20 years. I'm excited to help you tell your story through the fascinating medium of narrative storytelling, human-centric design and cinematic photography. Let's curate an experience together that will help you tell your story as a performer, fashion model or as an artist and a designer.

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“Michael is quickly becoming a staple of the music/art scene in the Bay Area. ...The way that he is able to capture live performance is incredibly rare. Technically perfect, but with an added je ne sais quoi that must be a product of his love of the work he shoots...He captures an intimacy that is quite extraordinary, while seeming to be invisible to the performers. A rare gem and we are so grateful!”